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  • Courses from Leading Industry Experts

    We're not talking about "guru's with rented Lamborghini's" type of experts, we're talking about REAL industry experts working at major agencies across the globe on some of the worlds biggest brands.

  • Private Group Access

    As a part of your membership, you'll get unlimited access to our private Facebook group, where you can post questions and get answers from our Tutors and other group members to help be a better digital marketer.

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    We know the digital landscape changes and evolves, so as a part of your membership not only will you get access to all of our existing courses but you'll get access to every new one each and every month.

Is The Digital Growth Community Right For Me?

It doesn't matter where you are in your career, our courses and groups are designed so that no matter where you are, you'll find true value in joining us.

  • Account Executives, Managers & Directors

  • Agency Owners

  • Business Owners

  • eCommerce Stores

  • Freelancers

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What Will The Courses Cover?

  • Social Media Ad Buying

    Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok and Youtube

  • PPC Ad Buying

    Including Google and Bing Search Ads

  • Display & Programmatic Ad Buying

    Including DV360 and many others DSP's

  • eCommerce

    Including creating and growing your own eCommerce store

  • Agency Building

    Including courses on how to build and grow your own agency

  • And So Much More

    When something new comes out, rest assured we'll be on the case in creating new course content for you.

The 3 Step Graduation Program

We've separated our courses out into 3 different sections to give you the foundations to be a better digital marketer.

  • Essential

    The Essential section will form the foundation of the rest of the steps in the program. We'll cover off a lot around marketing theory and omni-channel best practices that will set everything else up for success.

  • Level Up

    This is where we'll be focusing on taking the theories and best practices you've learnt in the Essential section and applying them to specific digital channels to helping you Level Up.

  • Advanced

    After completing the first 2 sections, this is the section where we'll start applying some advanced strategies to your learning. We'll teach you all about eCommerce, Agency Building and so much more.


  • What's included within the Digital Growth Community Membership?

    You'll get unlimited access to ALL existing and new courses as well as access to our private Facebook group. You'll never need to buy an up-sell to unlock any more content - that's our promise!

  • Why is the Digital Growth Community different to others?

    We understand that the Digital Marketing space is rife with fake guru's who are trying to scam people out of their hard earned money. The Tutors who create our courses and moderate the private group are leading industry experts, working on client like Toyota, Aeroflot Airlines, Lexus, EA Games, Clairol, Shockwaves by Wella, Lotus Cars, BMW Motorrad, Greenstar Energy and many more. Unlike other groups, we're able to provide evidence to back up the clients we've worked on if it's requested and our Tutor's also have Tier One relationships with media owners like Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Twitter, so we're able to deliver you news before anyone else.

  • What do you get for joining the Private Group?

    The Private Group is where members of the community are able to post questions, ask for advice and help others as well as being moderated by our course Tutors. We'll also host weekly live Webniars, Lunch and Learns and Townhalls with our Community to keep you engaged and to help you grow!

  • How does the monthly payment work?

    Paying yearly is our most popular method, however if you want to pay monthly you can. All you'll need to do is pay a small Joining Fee up front then you're ready to go!

  • If I cancel and want to re-join, will I have to pay the joining fee again?

    We think you'll never want to cancel, however we do understand that situations do change. If you do cancel your monthly subscription and you want to join at a later date, you won't have to pay the joining fee again. All you'll need to do is email us on memberships@dg-community.com with your original email that you signed up and we'll send you a link to sign up again.

  • Can I buy individual courses?

    Of course! If you want to keep the courses forever, you can pay for each course separately. Head to the Individual Courses link and purchase! We currently don't offer Private Group membership to users who buy individual courses.

  • Can I join the Private Group without buying the courses?

    Short answer is no. We want to keep our Private Group specifically for people who are taking our courses as this will help us maintain the quality of the conversation and help the community grow together.

  • Is this Community open to anyone?

    Yes, our Membership is available to anyone across the world, it's just our payments that are handled in US Dollars. Our Tutors are located in Europe, Canada and USA.

Pricing options

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